Monday, February 11, 2019

Creeping Crud

Lately, I've been spending my time between my chair and lying prone in the bedroom trying to rid myself of this "creeping crud".  I've been dealing with it since last Wednesday, and I think my sweet Monday/Wednesday client gave it to me. I'm not upset, but next year when my doctor offers the flu shot I'll gladly take her up on it.
Today, this crud took a different turn in the road and reared its ugly head! My dogs went completely mental and after I got out of the shower I discovered the Roo a.k.a old chihuahua dog has left a surprise near her daddy's side of the room. He's none the wiser as I already picked it up....but the audacity of thinking this is okay? I think all my coughing and wheezing has addled the Roo's brain. You know that dogs take on their owners traits, so if you have asthma the dog will too in a type of sympathy. The chihuahua doesn't stand a chance; she's old, grumpy, cantankerous and just wants to be left alone....much like her mama.
So after spending most of my time resting, coughing and sneezing the crud threw a wrench into the mix: I'll say this much....stay close to the toilet and never trust a fart during this fiasco.
It happens, nice people don't "talk about it" but it's happened to the best of us.
I'm signing off for now...I have a date with a tissue box.
Stay classy & sassy!

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

New Year....again

It's a new year, again.  Do we ever get used to the new year? How in the world did we get to 2019....remember when people panicked about the year 2000?
We stocked our pantries, our garages were stocked with fuel, ammo and tents just in case.
These days, I can look back and chuckle. I've hit milestones, personal highs and some terrible lows.
I've said hello to a second and third great nephew, turned 50 in late October and said goodbye to my beloved horse Jethro Gibbs. I've watched as businesses failed, new places grew to fruition and loathed the smell of marijuana and hemp farms glutted the marketplaces.
All in all, looking back on 2018...I won't miss it....just the special ones I can no longer see.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Still Recovering but with Style....

I'm almost over this crap, 
I know I sound better and I can finally hear out of my right ear!
It popped this morning and I swear I thought I could sing
while sick...think a whiskey soaked voice.

The only sound at that point, was my Chihuahua "Roo"
warbling her own song of her people; kinda like a 
kiyi and an arroooo because it's too quiet and my mom must be gone!

Unfortunately, it didn't coincide with my song....
thank goodness it wasn't like I was recording myself or anything.

But, the sun is out and it's kinda warm and getting warmer 
by the weekend...and then somewhere in the forecast,
it's going to open up and dump a foot of snow at my front door.
It always happens this time of year, warm and balmy; everyone starts wearing very inappropriate clothing for "winter bodies" and then 
suddenly, everyone is bundled up like the Michelin man in parkas, snow boots and looking pasty.
I haven't packed any of my cold weather clothing away,
I kinda just roll with how I'm feeling temperature wise.
I have a variety of tops in my dresser just in case,
 some days it's short sleeves and other days 3/4 or long sleeves.
Always boots and jeans....never know what the ground is going to be like.

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Recovery mode

I finally broke down and convinced Left-Brain that whatever was ailing me could be pneumonia; he said it wasn't, but because I have puny lungs we'd better not take any chances.
Doctor said sinusitis...gave me a round of antibiotics and a cough syrup that has me terrified to take. I don't sleep much anymore and this has codeine in it which scares me because it would be easy to get addicted to...I swear I don't have an addictive personality but I'm also not taking any chances either.
I'm on day 3 of antibiotics, I feel better except for nighttime....that's when the phlegm gremlins come out to play in my throat.

Monday, January 22, 2018

I'm back! Kicking assets and taking names....

I took a hiatus of sorts for a while; 
Truth be told, I got into a slump. I tried out "Wordpress" hated the format, couldn't blog from my phone and thought, " Why do I have this format if I can't even use it?" So I went back to the one I've known so well, like a favorite pair of jeans or well worn boots...

Of course, now I have to redesign my page layout and all that good gunk but man! What a relief to be back in "Blogger-Land"!

Stay tuned, I've got lots of secrets in the pantry!