Sunday, September 27, 2020

A Snowball's Chance in Mechanics

 Working on vehicles is like a snowball rolling down hill.  It creates a bigger ball every time; just when you thought that changing spark plugs would be just that? Suddenly, it's not just the spark plugs. It's the spark plugs, it's the removal tool, then it's the wires, and a block heater plug that keeps the antifreeze from coming out. And after that, it's many phone calls to various parts houses finding the best price, yada yada.

It's also many trips inside the house for refreshments, snacks, deep frustrated breaths from Left-Brain and mumblings under his breath. Excited dogs who want in your lap, what you're eating and so many questions from the counter parts guy.  I miss people who actually know  what I'm saying to know what I'm looking for from their stocked shelves.  They hire kids fresh out of school who have never or very little have any experience turning a wrench or a brake spoon.  

My late grandpa Cotton DeLancy was a mechanic for Standard Oil pre-Chevron days, and he had more granddaughters than grandsons.  Five girls to be exact!  In turn, he taught the majority of us who were interested in what was under the hood. Not just how to change the oil, but to adjust our brakes with a brake spoon, and a host of other things including greasing the squeaky doors with your bare hands....and no there isn't an app for it.  I spent a few summers learning how to change a flat tire, change the oil and how to gap spark plugs. I also learned about my grandpa's younger years spent on the farm and in the wheat fields and his mean little pony that he rode bareback. A Shetland welsh cross that would try to rub him off on a tree or log any chance he got.

As my uncle would say, "There's no such thing as an easy mechanic's job."

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Birthday Wishing

Every year I wrestle with my feelings, this year though is a tough one! I'm turning 52, my mom won't be sending me a birthday card and I'm not looking forward to no gifts or even a cake. Since I've been married, those little things don't happen anymore. It breaks my heart and I can't help but shed a few tears for the feeling that it's just a birthday. I have everything I need,  but I would like to be surprised by something sweet or thoughtfully given. 

Monday, September 14, 2020

My Love/Hate of Monday's

I have a love & hate of Monday's. It means that I have to get up fairly early in order to get ready for work.  It also means that my insomnia will kick in and cause me to toss and turn until I drift off to sleep.  On the other hand, I can stay up a bit longer on Monday night and sleep in on Tuesday morning.....unless I have an appointment in the morning. Of which I do,  but it's late morning so I'm good. 

I have been meaning to pick up my needlework for some time, but with evacuations, helping folks who were evacuated and going through my closets to find clothing for people who are in need it's been hectic to say the least. My next project is purging the closets of junk that I have packed around with myself for the last 10 years. Some sentimental, some from my daughter's school days and other stuff that has no meaning, no value and just takes up space. If you don't hear from me for a while, it's because I'm knee deep in stuff!

Sunday, September 13, 2020

The Stillness

Before I finally settled in for the night, I looked out my living room window to check my quiet little street before going to bed. The smoke has settled in under the street lights much like fog does when it's cold outside.  I keep listening for the rain drops to fall softly like a pitter pat on the ground but it's not happening.  It's dark, dreary and makes me think of wintertime and wishing for the sun.  I don't want the heat, just the sunlight.  
I keep a blue therapy light nearby for keeping the sadness away, especially during the winter months when the sun doesn't make an appearance. Strange how much I have been needing it lately! 
I took this picture this afternoon in Medford after grocery shopping with Left-brain and I kept thinking that 2020 has been the worst year I have ever experienced. I just hope next year is better. 

Friday, September 11, 2020

Thanks Mother Nature

Southern Oregon, once again is on fire.  We almost escaped another devastating fire season until Monday morning reared its ugly head. Someone set a fire, the authorities found a charred body a mile from the ignition zone. 
Lots of rumors swirling around about the people already in custody; authorities are asking for people to stop spreading lies so they can do their jobs. 
One thing that isn't being utilized is the Emergency Response System. No one in the evacuation zone who has signed up for "Citizen's Alert" has been contacted. I tried signing up for Citizens alert and after 12, count 12 tries I gave up. Instead I downloaded the local scanner app and I have had better updates than anything else. 
In the meantime, Darling Daughter and her husband and child plus large dog, had to evacuate twice.  Now, I  have a 3 bedroom 2 bath home and I have to admit that I have too much junk. The one thing I would like to accomplish is pare down on the junk and at least have a bit of room for a fold out couch in my old office. The idea of family members needing a place to shelter for emergencies is a thought that warms my heart as I am able to provide such a place. 
This was taken on Tuesday afternoon looking northeast from a friend's house. 

Friday, August 28, 2020

Start Conversations with People

I noticed something that folks don't do anymore since we all had to wear those face diapers.  We don't strike up conversations with people in stores, or say good morning to anyone.  It's like we're in a different world now, and if someone has a mask on then they cease to exist. 
Compliance is what the "New World Order" wants  and what better way to get that compliance than to force the general public to wear face diapers in public,  outdoors and in confined spaces?
Science dictates that wearing the mask doesn't make one iota of difference to the wearers or those around us. I quit wearing an actual mask, since I suffer from early symptoms of COPD, asthma and scarring of Scarlet Fever as a child, masks make my life  miserable.  Instead,  I opted for face shields.  And being the rebel I am; all of my shields have quotes on the bottom about how I feel about masks. My favorite one that irks the senior citizens: "Worn by Force, Not Fear!" It garners lots of scowls and those scowls are met with my inner child who does her best to make funny faces at the scowling party. 
If we take away one thing about wearing the diapers; go TALK to someone,  make eye contact and strike up a conversation with people.  Get to know your surroundings and the people in it, the social climate is changing and the silent majority is starting to rise up. You don't have to pick sides, but there's a fine microscopic line between what's right and what's easy. The road less traveled isn't easy, but it's rewarding. 

Thursday, August 20, 2020


 Looking back, when I first started blogging I had quite the following. Now, as social media has made its way into the majority of our lives, the blogging takes a backseat for most of us.  I have discovered that I still enjoy the feeling of actual paper back novels as opposed to the E-readers. I love the smell of old books and of bookstores themselves. Kinda like walking into an antique store and opening up cabinet doors to look at the wood grains and dovetailing of the furniture process. Dovetailing is why really old furniture lasts as long as it does; that and proper care.  

If you ask me "why" I still blog? I'll give you a un-sugar coated answer. I LOVE TO WRITE about most anything that comes to mind. Some people keep journals, hidden away from prying eyes so that no one person will ever know how they truly feel.  I have never found the dedication to keep a journal for only one reason; I don't think my life has ever been mundane, boring or that I was required to keep one in the first place!!   To think, that I would ever want to hide my words away from others baffles me.  I'm not famous, think I might be pretty ordinary to most folks and though I can spin a yarn or two (that's folksy talk about telling stories), life hasn't been so EPIC that I've felt the need to hide away. I'm already an introvert and once was painfully shy until I broke out of my shell.

So, I started blogging.  It was fun, I could write about anything I wanted and no one could critique my writing style.  I wasn't back in high school trying to get a good grade, I did it because it was relaxing to me and it allowed me to travel the globe by visiting other people's blogs.  Lately, though as social media becomes more centered on "Hate thy neighbor whom you've never met but don't like their profile picture" of Facebook; I find I'm reverting back to my old blogging days.....on Facebook.  Of course, at the top of my posts I state that what I write: is solely of my own opinion and it's not up for debating, hating on nor just plain meanness. If you feel you must say something mean and hateful....Go talk to your family, wife's family or your best friend who will most likely not take any crap off of you and give you an attitude adjustment with either his fist, a 2 x 4 board, or his favorite horse who kicks REALLY HARD! 

Still though, what good does it do to a person's ego to have someone they've never met tear them down and trash their opinions?  Either way, I still miss my old blogging days.